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Why Peter F. Reilly Storage Facility in Brooklyn, NY?

Affordable – We offer competitive pricing on our private rooms.

Convenient – Located near Bergen Street and Flatbush Avenue, right by the new Barclay’s Center.

Longevity – Proudly serving New Yorkers since 1860.

Security – We have a safe and secure facility situated next to a police station and fire department.

Reliability – We have a long list of satisfied customers

For over 150 years, Peter F. Reilly Storage Inc. has been meeting the storage needs of Brooklyn’s residents and businesses for such items as  household goods, art and antiques, business records, surplus inventories, furniture. Since our inception we have provided a clean, safe, secure and affordable central location for all your storage needs.  Peter F. Reilly Storage provides you freedom from clutter – especially valuable clutter – and we’ve been doing it for a century and a half!


Three historic events contributed to the founding of Peter F. Reilly’s safe self-storage facility:

  1. The Great Fire of New York in 1835 destroyed roughly 700 buildings around Wall Street, including the New York Stock Exchange. Financial records evidencing ownership of stocks and bonds were turned to ash, creating economic chaos.
  2. The second Wall Street Fire of 1845 with a similar but smaller loss of buildings and ownership records.
  3. In 1860, after the Elm Street tenement fire took lives, New York City’s building laws were extensively revised and strengthened. At that time, the position of “Superintendent of Buildings” was created within the Fire Department to enforce the new structural safety laws.

It was in 1860, following the fires in lower Manhattan, that Peter F. Reilly founded his safe storage self-storage facility business in Brooklyn, NY.  Mr. Reilly offered Wall Street firms as well as households a secure fire resistant building in which to store their goods. As New York grew, new building materials were introduced to protect buildings and their contents from certain dangers and risks.  The Peter F. Reilly storage center, containing many unique qualities, opened in 1924 according to the trade magazine Distribution & Warehouse, August 1924. The many unique features built into this self-storage facility have successfully protected generations of storage and continue to do so today.

With over 120,000 square feet in our custom built self-storage facility, we offer large and small vault-like rooms for you to store all the property you need and want to store. Our rooms are built of fire resistant materials that are designed to breathe, the natural way to store your treasured possessions and business records.

Call us today for a tour and our experienced storage consultants will guide you through the process of selecting just the right sized storage vault, room, or floor.  150 years in business is actually a very long time. It shocks most people to learn that the average life expectancy of a multinational corporation – Fortune 500 or its equivalent – is between 40 and 50 years. Like most long-lasting companies, Peter F. Reilly Storage has thrived in good times and survived the bad times because of its commitment to its individual customers and its high level of integrity in all its business dealings.  We still take the long view. Our customers find great peace of mind in knowing that we have been around for two full human lifetimes and three average corporate lifetimes. One of our new acquaintances tells us how his old storage company simply sold all his stuff. If you think that’s rare just look in the Sunday NY Times auction center and once a month or so you’ll find other storage companies selling the contents of hundreds of storage units. Our clients feel safe and secure at Peter F. Reilly Storage.